Learn How to Leverage Your Genius and Maximize Human Performance

Reach a level of self-awareness that is key to achieving peak performance in any role.  Ensure that you properly align what you do best with how you do it and why. Take a simple, 20 minute assessment and learn your WHAT, HOW, and WHY.

Three World-Class Profiles in One

The Attribute Index , Values Index, and the DISC Index work together to identify your WHAT, WHY and HOW (i.e., What natural talents do you have, Why are you motivated to use them and How do you prefer to use them.)

The Attribute Index 

How you think and make decisions

WHAT natural talents do you have based on how you think and make decisions?

The Values Index

Your motivational style and what drives you

WHY are you motivated to use your talents based on your drivers of engagement?

The DISC Index

Your preferred behavioral style

HOW do you prefer to use your talents based on your natural behavioral style?


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What Really Drives Individual Performance?

In order to truly understand what it takes to perform at maximum levels, you have to be able to measure the complete person. Organizations and leaders need to understand “what” natural talents a person has,“why” they are motivated to use them and “how” they prefer to use them. Achieving optimal performance requires the best alignment between these variables and the individual’s role and duties.

By better understanding these core drivers of performance, and utilizing this knowledge in hiring, team-building and leading individuals, it’s possible to position people for personal excellence and maximum job satisfaction and performance. GrowthSmart's ADVanced Insights profile combines three of the world’s leading instruments, each specializing in measuring a specific aspect of this trifecta of human performance, to give organizations unequaled access to the knowledge they need to improve results.

Client Testimonials

We've assessed over 500 people in our organization and use this assessment religiously in our hiring process. From hiring, to training and coaching, it has revolutionized the way we think about talent management.

HR Director, Hospitality Industry

GrowthSmart's ADVanced Insights changed the way I approached and engaged with clients.  I was able to leverage my genius and bridge the gaps between their personalities and mine. As a result, I have more effective relationships with my clients

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  • WHAT – Natural talents based on how one thinks and makes decisions.
  • WHY – Deep conditioned motivators and drivers that affect engagement and passion.
  • HOW – Natural behavioral styles that control task completion,interpersonal interactions and direct job performance.

Individual broker, financial Industry

  • Distractions can affect your results. If your attention is not undivided, it will affect the results of the benchmark. Shut down your instant messengers and mute your phone. The best approach is a quiet space with no interruptions.
  • Complete it at one time, without interruption, and without stopping.  If the internet connection is interrupted, the assessment must be restarted.  Incomplete assessment results aren't saved.  Pausing to take a call could affect the results of the assessment.
  • Allow yourself 20-30 minutes to complete the assessment.  But, don't watch the clock.
  • Answer HONESTLY, as accuracy is critical to be able to benchmark your organization. You aren’t serving the company by covering up your true concerns. You’re name and results are completely confidential.
  • Read the entire instructions carefully.

Tips For Taking the Assessment

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